May 28, 2009

Using Discount Travel Guides to Your Advantage to Get the Cheapest Trip

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If you feel like you are strapped for cash and feel like there is no possible way that you can take a vacation this year, there are other alternatives to paying full price for your travel plans. Discount travel guides abound on the internet and you may be wondering if these guides are really worth the cost and if they can really help to save you money so you can plan the cheapest trip possible.

While many scam guides do exist, there are others that can really help you save hundreds on each aspect of your travel planning. Some would think that the information that is contained in these guides is no different that the information that is available for free on the internet, and why should I have to pay for free information, these guides provide the budget conscious traveler with something else. They provide a form of insider secrets information, tips that are not available to the common public, possibly only available to employees. They provide you with way to save on your travel air fare, hotel and even your car rental. Cruise travelers are included as well. Many guides also include a variety of tips and tricks that can help you save hundreds on your cruise plans, allowing you to plan the cheapest trip possible.

These guides come packed full of so many discounts, too many that can be listed at one time making them well worth the one time fee it usually costs to acquire one of these guides. The amount of money that first time users usually received by using only a few of the tips in these guides usually more than makes up for the cost, and even if you do not like the information that is offered, there is a money back guarantee making it worth a try.


May 22, 2009

Disney Discount Guide – Save Money at Budget Hotels

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While it is preferable to stay at a hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, this can sometimes be impossible where cost constraints are present. There are many perks to staying at the Walt Disney resorts but with costs for a deluxe resort running as high as $500 per night it is often a much better idea to save money by staying at cheaper hotels. After all, the fun is at the park and the hotel is basically just a place to sleep.

According to the Disney Discount Guide, there are some options even on the Walt Disney World compound. These are referred to as Value Resorts and they have rates that are much lower and which range from $79 to $159 per night dependent on the season. Though they may not be in as close a proximity to the theme parks as the more pricey options they will have many of the benefits of the higher priced resorts.

When staying at a Walt Disney World Hotel, as a guest you can employ the Disney Magical Express Service. This is a free bus service which operates from the Orlando International Airport to the Disney Hotel you are staying at and back when you are leaving. The bus can take you to the theme parks directly as well with your bags being taken to your room.
When you stay on the property you also get the added advantage of the Extra Magic Hours which allows guest more time on the theme parks compounds before and/or after announced closing times. The theme park admission price is necessary but long lines are avoided using this feature. The extra hours are typically limited to one park each day but is rotated among the popular parks such as Animal Kingdom, Magical Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Perhaps one of the best perks of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort is the transport provided. There is the Walt Disney World Transportation Network which included buses, monorails and boats which are connected to other areas of this fabulous world and make moving around so much simpler.

A trip to Disney World can indeed be the trip of the lifetime for most families and is considered among the top vacation destinations in the world; but it can also be very expensive.

May 17, 2009

Internet Travel Deals

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Planning a trip doesn’t necessarily have to involve a travel agent and a standard package tour. Knowing how to use the web to help organize a trip is a great skill, given you know where to look. From accommodations and flights to car rentals and tours, a whole vacation can be planned with just the click of the mouse. All you need is a high speed cable or satellite internet connection so you don’t get slowed down, and some direction on where to look. Read on for an overview of the best online travel sites. and are similar websites that have searchable ticket databases of airfares, hotel rooms, car rentals, and packages, showing consumers comparisons of prices and schedules from different companies and agencies. is another similar website, that helps you plan your trip backwards, based on which destinations are offering the best deals at the time. These types of online travel planners are especially useful for extra bargains if you use the site to book more than one service at a time – for example, a combination flight and hotel will score a lower price than booking the two separately. is an online bargain hunter that publishes only the best deals and most rock-bottom travel and ticket prices, as well as offering extensive destination coverage to allow readers to become more familiar with a particular place. The Sherman’s Top 25 newsletter is delivered to over 3.5 million subscribers weekly, listing the very best travel steals of the week. is a discount portal, providing consumers with the best travel deals available, having found them due to extensive research of over 1,000 travel companies. TravelZoo publishes a weekly Top 20 list that is delivered to subscribers’ email inboxes and lists the best steals of the week in airfares, car rentals, hotel rooms, and vacation packages. is an online travel auction that pioneered the way for naming your own airline ticket prices, and now has options for bidding on car rental prices, hotel room rates, and cruises. bidding is best for those who have some flexibility in their travel plans – it can save you up to 40% on flights and 50% on hotels. is another online travel auction site, started in 1999 and available to anyone who wants good travel deals, having become popular not by an extensive marketing campaign but by word of mouth from satisfied users. The benefit of using a site like is to be able to determine the worth of your trip based on your own experience, and to not get stuck overpaying unexpectedly. has been the premier high-end travel resource since its launch in 1997, and can help luxury travelers plan their own trips based around the world’s finest hotels in the most exotic locations. The website gives regular updates about special deals and last-minute sales on top-notch accommodations, and even has an auction portal where travelers can bid on inclusive luxury packages in such destinations as Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Indonesia, and Hawaii.

May 11, 2009

Luxury All Inclusive Holidays

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One must enjoy a holiday trip by snatching all the available and possible ways of comforts and conveniences. For this, these days we are getting the professional help from many holiday web sites. They provide all the needed infrastructures to those who want to make their holiday or vacation a memorable one. Here we can see the significance of having one of the many luxurious all inclusive holidays.

The main purpose of having a holiday is to get rid of all of your mental and physical lassitude, by slowly imbibing them and refilling the empty space by the tang of luscious holiday moments. This is possible in a greater way when you are having the luxury all inclusive holidays. If you can afford it that is the best option you can have for a revelling holiday experience. Many leading holiday and travel web sites are nowadays giving much importance to this aspect and are coming forward with many plans for a great holiday to spend with your family in one of the purpose built resorts.

While having the luxury all inclusive holidays you are getting very many benefits which will make your trip really enjoyable, like the ‘priority transfer’, ‘the extra luggage benefits’ and ‘special travel advisors’. Apart from all these facilities you are always getting a ‘VIP’ status in all the dealings and this will be much beneficial to you especially when you are in a different country having very distinct customs and manners. You will surely enjoy this and definitely these types of holidays and vacations will create lot of indelible remembrances within you, where you can loaf around nostalgically in your later years.

May 5, 2009

Rajasthan Tourism – Live the Era of Royalty on Rajasthan Tours

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The marvelous richness of India heritage can be best seen and experienced in its royal state of Rajasthan. Tourists from all over the world throng in here to taste royalty in a traditional style. Traveling to this land of Raja-Maharajas is like giving wings to your fantasy of living a few days like a king. This destination abounds in amazing tourist attractions, each having its own unique delightfulness. Its attractions are famous across the globe and one of the most fascinating features of this land is its rich and colorful culture and dramatic geographical diversity.

Each city of Rajasthan has its own glorious history and charming attractions to enchant tourists. Touring such great cities not only acquaint you with the richness of this state but also offers an opportunity to experience a ‘high-on-pleasure’ vacation. Some of the most visited cities are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Ranakpur and Pushkar. The landscape of this world famous destination is dominated by stunning palaces, luxurious havelis, massive forts, beautiful temples, refreshing gardens and much more.

For a heart-warming adventure experience one must go for a camel safari in Rajasthan. It is an interesting way to explore the desert life and rustic villages of the state. Both short and long camel rides are available here, opt for the one that suits you. A word of caution: Hire camel drivers who are registered and at the same time pen down their registration number to be on the safer side.

Palace on Wheels is a feather in the cap of Rajasthan. It is one of best luxurious trains in the world offering a perfect royal experience to its passengers. Covering fascinating tourist destinations like Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Agra, the train offers 8 days/7 nights tour. This train journey will surely transport you to the times of Raja-Maharajas.

Scan the bazaars of this colorful state for a variety of unmatched handicrafts such as embroidered juttis, silver jewelery, antique furniture, marble statues, miniature paintings, tie and dye fabrics, precious and semi-precious stones and the list goes on.

There is so much to see, so much to do and so much to buy at the glorious and royal Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tourism has gained international fame for its wondrous tourist attractions, some of which are World Heritage Sites. Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan are steeped in glory and luxury to the core. Some of these royal establishments have been converted into heritage hotels to give a taste of the lifestyle of the kings of the bygone era. Palace on Wheels, a highly luxurious train is ready to take you to the various famous attractions of Rajasthan in a royal style.

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