May 22, 2009

Disney Discount Guide – Save Money at Budget Hotels

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While it is preferable to stay at a hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, this can sometimes be impossible where cost constraints are present. There are many perks to staying at the Walt Disney resorts but with costs for a deluxe resort running as high as $500 per night it is often a much better idea to save money by staying at cheaper hotels. After all, the fun is at the park and the hotel is basically just a place to sleep.

According to the Disney Discount Guide, there are some options even on the Walt Disney World compound. These are referred to as Value Resorts and they have rates that are much lower and which range from $79 to $159 per night dependent on the season. Though they may not be in as close a proximity to the theme parks as the more pricey options they will have many of the benefits of the higher priced resorts.

When staying at a Walt Disney World Hotel, as a guest you can employ the Disney Magical Express Service. This is a free bus service which operates from the Orlando International Airport to the Disney Hotel you are staying at and back when you are leaving. The bus can take you to the theme parks directly as well with your bags being taken to your room.
When you stay on the property you also get the added advantage of the Extra Magic Hours which allows guest more time on the theme parks compounds before and/or after announced closing times. The theme park admission price is necessary but long lines are avoided using this feature. The extra hours are typically limited to one park each day but is rotated among the popular parks such as Animal Kingdom, Magical Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Perhaps one of the best perks of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort is the transport provided. There is the Walt Disney World Transportation Network which included buses, monorails and boats which are connected to other areas of this fabulous world and make moving around so much simpler.

A trip to Disney World can indeed be the trip of the lifetime for most families and is considered among the top vacation destinations in the world; but it can also be very expensive.


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