April 28, 2009

Student Travelers Tips and Advice

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Students are not the wealthiest travelers and, recognizing this, the travel industry is beginning to make special priced packages available for students. With a college ID and a little time spent doing research it is possible for students to find some great travel deals.

Several travel agencies specialize in booking student travel. Working with one of these agencies is an excellent idea because they are very knowledgeable about what is currently being offered for students.
For gap year travel a student travel agency can plan a long term travel itinerary. Included in the package will be airline and hotel or hostel reservations plus discounted tickets to local attractions and landmarks. These packages can be individualized for each traveler.

Airlines are also recognizing student travelers in a big way. Discounted tickets are available with a college ID. Several airlines have special reward clubs for students, which allow them to earn airline mileage.
They are also offering credit cards that give students airline miles for every penny spent. If a student is planning for a trip that involves lots of air travel family members can also get an airline credit card and transfer their miles to the student before he books his flights.

An insider trick that many students are not aware of is stand- by travel. When a student has the time, and many do during gap year travel abroad, they can fly stand-by. If extra seats are available on a flight a student can purchase a ticket, usually for well under £100, and jump on the flight.

If the flight is booked and all passengers show up the student can just wait until the next flight. Travel experts say this is one of the cheapest ways to fly if you have the time.

Hotels are trying to cash in on the student travel market and compete with hostels. Standard rooms can be booked at a discount with a student ID. Hotels also offer packages that include tours and tickets to local attractions as well as meals. The best idea for inexpensive lodging is considering a roommate.

Splitting lodging costs can save lots of money and allow a student to stay in a more centrally located and nicer hotel. Once at their travel destination most students will want to see the sights.

If the student has not already received a discount attraction package from his travel agent or hotel he can find many coupons and deals on local websites. Most attractions and landmarks have discounted student rates and when these are combined with coupons they offer a real savings.

One last tip is to purchase a global cell phone and prepaid minutes before leaving home. Global cell phones are no more expensive than normal cell phones and will save quite a bit on roaming charges.

The money a student saves by following these simple tips makes student travel much more attractive. In many cases, using these easy tips will actually make a trip possible. And the money saved? Buy some great souvenirs for mum and dad!


April 22, 2009

Find Las Vegas 2 For 1 Coupons – Eat in Vegas Cheap

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If you’re traveling to Las Vegas it is important to understand there are many great deals you can find. Maybe you are looking for a two-for-one restaurant coupon and there are many ways you can find one of these. First before your trip you want to search online to see if any of the hotels are offering one of these specials. Right now Las Vegas is going through a tough time so you won’t be surprised to know that there are many deals to be had out there. There are a lot of coupon websites that are available for you to search for great deals such as a two-for-one meal coupon at a Las Vegas hotel restaurant.

Make sure that when you check into your hotel in Vegas you ask at the counter if they haven’t coupons for the hotel. In most cases they will give you a packet that has coupons along with your room card. When you are on the strip you also want to be aware of people handing out coupons because you can save a lot of money with these. There are also hotels that offer a late-night meals for a low-cost and you should be aware that you can save a lot of money when you go during these times.

Remember that saving money in Vegas is easy but you have to keep your eyes open and find the deals that are available to you. In many cases you can search online and find 2-for-1 deal deals at many of the top hotels. Also when you check and make sure that you talk with the hotel and asked them where the best places you can find coupons for restaurants

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April 14, 2009

10 Cheap Travel Suggestions

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Everyone deserves a holiday at least once in a while. However, that does not mean that everyone can afford a holiday too. Many people are unable to afford a holiday because of the high rates of holiday packages. It is true that most of the holiday packages are expensive; however, there are a few tricks by which one you reduce the cost of holidays and bring it right under your limited budget. Following are 10 tips which can reduce the cost of holidays considerably.

(1) The most important of all tips is to always plan the holiday trip in advance. Never make last minute decisions as they will definitely cost you a lot more than if you had planned them earlier. Even travelling agencies make use of this situation and charge higher rates to such customers. Planning in advance will not only save you money, but will also reduce the burden of sudden preparations for the trip.

(2) The second most important thing is to do all the research. Select the destination carefully, and then plan according to the political conditions, climate, and tourism details of that location. Generally, most countries are flooded with tourists during peak seasons, and thus the rates for everything are higher at this time. From airfares to accommodations, everything is offered at higher prices in the peak season.

(3) Getting your tickets early can also reduce you from the trouble of hunting for them at the last minute, and will thus also save you considerable amount of money. There are generally different airlines that travel from one location to another and their fares are always different from each other. Those that offer limited facilities and indirect flights are generally cheaper than those with more facilities and direct flights.

(4) Booking accommodations early can also save you some money and will also keep you save from any trouble. Accommodations are cheaper in off seasons, and thus it would be beneficial to visit during this time as this will not only lower the rates of accommodations, but will also make it easier for you to get accommodations as the number of bookings will be very less at this time of year.

(5) While planning a trip, always make all the arrangements yourself and never rely on travel agencies. These travel agencies work for you and naturally they charge a fee for their services, thus if you do everything yourself, you can easily avoid this fee and save plenty of cash.

(6)Always watch out for price fluctuations as airfares and accommodation prices are always fluctuating. So, it would always be beneficial to watch the prices and plan accordingly. It would be ironic if you purchase tickets today and the prices go down the next day. Thus, always watch out for price fluctuations.

(7) Airfares are not the only transportation you would need. You have to consider other transportation costs at the holiday destination. Always keep them in mind and plan out for the best mode of transportation that is both cost effective and comfortable.

(8) Planning the time of arrival and departure is also important in this regard as different transportation options are available at different times in a day.

(9) Checking the weather forecast is also very important, because the transportation costs generally rise in bad weather conditions.

(10) Last but not the least, it is always advisable to use public transport facilities on these trips because they are always cheaper than hiring a private transport.

April 4, 2009

Value For Money Trips

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Great holidays are something that everyone wants and wishes for, and everyone looks for the most valuable holidays that have the best to offer. The currency of the holiday destination also plays a very important role in deciding the value of a particular holiday.

This is because the exchange rate plays an important role in the decision for a holiday destination. While considering the concept of the value for money holiday, it is important to consider that the concept of value varies from person to person.

Considering generically, there are countries that are considered to be cheap and still offer great relative value for the money you spent. Some of the countries that are ranked to be among the highest value offering ones with respect to holidays are Cuba, Egypt, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Dominican Republic..

In the Asian Region, there are holidays of high value and quality available at different places in India as well as in the islands of Maldives. All the different value for money packages that are available for the different holiday destinations have something unique to offer, and you would find a unique proposition in each of the holiday packages, hence, leaving a lot of opportunity for the people to get exactly or something closest to what they are looking for.

If you are in search of some relaxation, then there is no better place to get value for you money in the form of a holiday than Maldives. Maldives has a number of islands that are famous for their serenity and peaceful surroundings. This place also provides privacy that you may desire during your holiday. Besides relaxation, there are also a number of other activities that you can perform during your holiday in Maldives.

For people who want to spend an exciting and eventful holiday, there is Queensland which is not only very beautiful but also offers some of the best hotels and many other leisurely places to visit. You do not only get a series of great sites to behold, but you also receive great treatment from the people.

For the lovers of culture, food, and architecture, you ought to visit France where everything is great and just memorable, irrespective of whether you have a tight budget or not, because Paris is a place which has something to offer for everyone along with landmarks that everyone ought to visit. If you want a flavour of some unique culture, which is much different from what is found in the West, then you should head to China for a great holiday where you would be able to experience things you cannot experience anywhere else.

With the increase in importance of value for money holidays, there are many valuable packages that are offered because of the demand for the holidays. There are a lot of holiday destination options available depending upon what you are looking for you the holiday and what your preferences are.