March 30, 2009

4 Easy Steps For Finding an Economical Holiday This Summer

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Our daily life is frenzied and from our eventful timetable we can’t take out enough time for fun. Organising a holiday is a big asks; it can be very expensive if you don’t know about process of having a good travel deal. There are two ways; one is to take the services of a travel agent or book and plan everything by ourselves. We will look here what may be the less expensive option for people who are thinking to go for holidays. Along with that you need to know some tips which shall make your trip even more economical. It will save you a lot of money and you would also get what you are expecting in your perfect holiday.

Here are 4 easy steps for finding cheap holidays;

1. Always make certain that your travel agent or Travel Company is licensed by either an ABTA -Association or British Travel agents or ATOL – Air Travel Organisers License. In case any tour operator cease to work after you have booked any tour with them these licenses would provide security and shall cover your tour. If you are on holiday at the time of tour operator’s liquidation; your flights home and the hotels will be guaranteed by ATOL.

2. Best time to book? The days of the booking at the last moments or last minute deals are over. Tour operators are much more skilled in their trade as compared to the previous ones so, now the market is having only the specialised tour operators, therefore in a cost cutting measure they have cut capacity radically so this has an unforeseen effect on late availability as they now try to persuade people to book in advance with early booking discounts and free add-ons like extra legroom, in-flight meals etc.

3. Do your research! For Hotel accommodation do your research on internet. You must be cautious of the facts that some hotels try to put in the negative remarks about the other hotels. Also over 90% of visitors do not write about encouraging experiences so you are expected to get a lot of negative reviews on some very good hotels. Try calling a holiday consultant who can offer you unbiased advice about a given hotel. For good quality price comparisons check some sites on the internet.

4. Booking your cheap holiday. Try using Debit card instead of Credit card as you may get charged for around 2 to 2.5% on the transaction. As you find some lucrative package of holiday deal, just book it as good deals do not hang around for more time. Another important fact that you should not search more than 3 companies on the internet as this will put some measurements as high demand for the package you are searching and shall end up in an increased price.